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16. Juni 201519:00 Uhr Schneiderei A collective Jam Session Alexander Martinz and Lia Karl

19h Sound- Installation "sombre mood for room and piano" by Alexander Martinz

19.30h Food, Love and Fear by Lia Karl

20h Performance "sombre mood for room and piano" by Alexander Martinz

sombre mood for room and piano (2014)
Several vibration motors placed on the strings of a piano produce a drone. The ghostly presence of the piano fills the room with audiovisual references. The performer starts to transform the piano´s sound digitally, thereby transforming the rooms mood while the situation moves from installation to performance.

Food, Love and Fear
The artist will bake and hand out bread in the shape of letters to the audience. It´s the beginning of a culinary road movie and an experimental journey where friends and strangers are encouraged to donate a word as a connecting factor.