Plattform zur Förderung künstlerischer und kuratorischer Arbeitsweisen, transdisziplinärer Annäherung und gelebter Kunstpraxis.


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12. November 201319:00 Uhr Schneiderei Composition as ExplanationPart 1Constanze Schweiger

Part 1

Hacked IKEA furniture

Elisabeth Kihlström Nobody is doing nothing Nobody is doing nothing 2013

Performance: 20.45h

"There is singularly nothing that makes a difference a difference in beginning and in the middle and in ending except that each generation has something different at which they are all looking. By this I mean so simply that anybody knows it that composition is the difference which makes each and all of them then different from other generations and this is what makes everything different otherwise they are all alike and everybody knows it because everybody says it." ¹

¹ Gertrude Stein, Composition as Explanation, 1925