Plattform zur Förderung künstlerischer und kuratorischer Arbeitsweisen, transdisziplinärer Annäherung und gelebter Kunstpraxis.


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26. September 201419:00 Uhr Schneiderei < dienstag abend >Expo Chicago / Review

Dienstag Abend is a collaborative artist´s platform based in Vienna, organised by Ludwig Kittinger and Fernando Mesquita. Founded in 2009 at Kunstraum Ve.Sch, Vienna, it subsequently became an itinerant collective. Its organizers consider Dienstag Abend to be a situation, respectively composed by the local environemnt and/or collective mechanisms, frequently taking the form of a temporary bar or kitchen. Events themselves are driven by the idea heterachy, without mediation between artist and audience, to enable a more direct approach.

We are not making any kind of Project; introducing new contents or some exotic theory nor fantastic philosophy; nor are we putting forward any kind of conclusion, or advocating any kind of specific statement. But together, we are observing what is happening around us. We invite friend artists to different locations/occasions to form a collaborative ( co-labourative) situation to serve as a hub for research of artistic methods, mechanisms and conditions of co-working(-being) regarding that situation. d.a is a “none-serious” platform, professionalism is not expected nor rejected, focusing rather on the subject (that may come up) than the object. Its an (illusive) attempt to shake off contemporary (art) world behaviour, restrictions and expectations, whatever one regards worthy to be abandoned. The name Abend (Evening) itself is an indicator for a get-together, announcing agitation in the form of confrontation and exhaustion, at least, participation, discord, positioning and rejection.

Talking about friendship-based/confidential project, Viktor Misiano once said: The main feature is that the human aspect dominates the professional. Because friendship is not creative cooperation, but the “ethical form of Eros”. The confidential project excludes the possibility of a representative selection of participants. The choice is immanent in relation to the friendships.(...) There can be no successful or unsuccessful project in friendship. There can only be disappointment. * dienstag abend


Laleh Khorramian

Tilmann Meyer-Fae

Alexander Martinz

Rodrigo Tavarela Peixoto


Hugo Canoilas

Dragos Alexandrescu

Barbara Anna Husar

Wolfgang Obermair


Diego Leclery

Santos Vasquez

Tanja Vrvilo & Damir Bartol


Dino Zrnec

Misha Stroj

Thea Moeller

Martin Hotter

Constanze Schweiger

Sarah Thomas

Isabella Maria-Ritter

Noele Ody

Bernhard Garnicnig & Lukas Heistinger