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25. Juni 201320:00 Uhr Schneiderei DuchampeineretrospektivevonfranzpartFilm screening

NICHT löschbares Feuer by Harun Farocki (b/w, 1968/69, 25 min.)


What Farocki Taught by Jill Godmilow (with Gloria Jean Masciarotte and Ted Mandell, b/w and color 1998, 30 min.)

with an introduction by Constanze Ruhm

As a part of program accompanying Franz Part’s exhibition, we will examine cinematic appropriation.

“The focus is on production, with Farocki’s film on Vietnam and US manufacture of Napalm, NICHT löschbares Feuer (1968/69), and US filmmaker Jill Godmilow’s 1998 shot-for-shot replica What Farocki Taught. Together, these represent a dialogue between decades where the causality chain of action and reaction within the sensitive field of cultural readings and re-readings becomes visible. As Godmilow writes: What Farocki Taught is a replica -- not a remake, not an homage, not an updating -- but a shot-for-shot replica of Harun Farocki's 1969 film Inextinguishable Fire. It was intended as a repetition of the original. Gertrude Stein once said, 'Let me repeat what history teaches: History teaches.' Fire seemed worth repeating.”

(This text was written by Constanze Ruhm in 2001 on the occasion of the screening of the very same 2 films which took place as part of a large survey show of Harun Farocki's work at haus.0/Künstlerhaus Stuttgart which was programmed by Fareed Armaly from 1999 – 2003)