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3. Oktober 201319:00 Uhr Schneiderei Édification - Food and FlicksFinissage and FilmscreeningBernadette Phan and Jack Jeffrey

Filmscreening "Carniland" by Vancouver filmmakers Elisha Burrows and Elia Kirby + Pork and Beans by Bernadette Phan

Synopsis Carnyland takes an gritty insider view of life of a small travelling carnival. Following a host of characters over a season the documentary takes an intimate look at life on the midway, with all its setbacks, tribulation, surprises and humour. Shot over two summers and over hundreds of km the film makers Elisha Burrows and Elia Kirby seek not to lay description nor to pass judgement on this quintessential North American outsider culture, but rather allow the participants and narrative to speak for it self. Ultimately we are left with the film makers sense of fondness for the people who drive the narrative of this film and perhaps the feeling that there might be other possibilities to a life lived with out adventure and without community.