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18. November 201619:00 Uhr Schneiderei Between the Unreal and the Possible Stephen Mathewson

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours VIENNA ART WEEK:

Sa/So 14.00 bis 18.00 (2pm-6pm)

„The history of art is the conflict of all the optical experiences, of invented spaces and figurations and it is not a question of reproducing, but rather of creating , and for this reason we consider the history of art to be a conflict of different imagined spaces“ It is a question not of the reproduction of reality , but rather producing a continual interference with reality. Hallucination becomes the immanant practice of utopia rather than the ideological repitition of ready-made thought. Hallucination as permanent enlightenment, perception on the brink, on the verge between what was and what is to come.°

(°David Quigley from the book Carl Einstein : A Defense Of The Real )

Stephen Mathewson is an American artist and musician who is living and working in Vienna as well as Salzburg, Austria. His work transforms his dreams into ever new surreal narratives often on a scale larger than life.

Stephen Mathewson ist ein amerikanischer Künstler und Musiker, lebt und arbeitet in Wien sowie Salzburg, Österreich. Seine Arbeit verwandelt sich seine Träume in immer neue surreale Erzählungen oft auf einer Skala größer als das Leben