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8. Januar 201918:00 Uhr Austrian Embassy Beijing <t<a<n>ge>n<t>>cya project by DienstagAbend, Fusion Reaction and See you next Thursday

The show <t<age>n>cy presented at the Austrian embassy is the result of a chain of (good) events, bringing together three non-profit artist associations, See you next Thursday Kunstverein (SYNT), and Fusion Reaction. These three platforms concentrate their activities on local and international artistic exchange, intercultural discourse, creating possibilities for spontaneous interdisciplinary collaborations. Projects that are nomadic in nature, feed themselves from a myriad of spaces and display a roulette of dynamics inherent to working with public, private, associative, commercial, non-commercial, institutional, hype, forgotten, structured, wild (…).

was founded in Vienna, Austria, in 2009 at Kunstraum Ve.Sch by Fernando Mesquita and Ludwig Kittinger, joined by Ana de Almeida, Sophie Thun, Dorota Walentynowicz and Phelim McConigly in 2015. SYNT, See you next Thursday Kunstverein, was as well founded in Vienna by the artists Lia Karl and Fernando Mesquita in the year 2012. In 2018, Xi Wang founded Fusion Reaction in Beijing, together with Zeng Xin, an emerging young Chinese Photographer.

A chain of “good” events:

The Austrian Chancellery selected the artist Fernando Mesquita, for the months from September to December 2018, for being the artist-in-residence at Red Gate Gallery residency projects. Desmond Mah also had the opportunity to be part of the artist-in-residence project at Red Gate Gallery. Together with Xi Wang and Laurens Tan, Fernando Mesquita developed the project titled “48”, presented at Fruty Space, i:projectspace (Oct.) and Fusion Reaction (Jan. 2019) This project consisted on meeting every 48 hours in the weeks preceding each presentation, to develop possible combinations of what to present and how to collaborate from different artistic approaches with the invited artists. Together with the artist Lia Karl, presented the nomadic project Food, Love and Fear, at Anewal Gallery, Kyoto, Japan (Oct.) and at Fusion Reaction (Dec.) similarly to Plato's "Symposium”, a meal is prepared and served in a random location for a gathering of participants, inviting the guests to explore the topics of “love” and “fear”, envisioning and collecting different individual perspectives on those topics and others that could be of relevant interest. Besides Japan and China, this project was presented/explored in countries such as Turkey, Georgia, India, Portugal and Austria. Dora Deliyska is a concert pianist based in Vienna, whose video work with Axel Stockburger Pulsation on the Georgi Ligeti piece Fanfares which will be shown for the first time, was shot at the Bosendorfer Factory in Wien with the help of Kai Maier-Rothe. Phelim McConigly, a visual artist based in Vienna, together with Dorota Walentynowicz, Fernando Mesquita and Sophie Thun will represent the artist collective .