Plattform zur Förderung künstlerischer und kuratorischer Arbeitsweisen, transdisziplinärer Annäherung und gelebter Kunstpraxis.


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9. September 201619:00 Uhr Schneiderei The meandering line Wallas Gwy Yum/ Beau Dick, Mireille Kassar, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Isabelle Pauwels, Bernadette Phan, Jayce Salloum, Matt Smith and Etienne Zack

9 September – 24 September 2016

Schneiderei and See you next Thursday welcome a diverse group of artists and thinkers from Vancouver (and elsewhere) for a series of planned and spontaneous events at the Schneiderei during the month of September. The title refers both to the residency project as a whole and to an exhibition that will be installed in the Schneiderei space for the duration.

Friday 9th
19h - Opening and welcome party: the meandering line

Thursday 15th
Special screening: Isabelle Pauwels -,000 begins at 19:00h (duration 60 min., 2016)

Friday 24th
19h - Finissage - the meandering line

The meandering Line groups eight Vancouver associated artists with diverse backgrounds, affinities, art practices and obsessions. the meandering line and the artists involved also antagonize the confinement and marginalization of artists and their spaces by traversing with fluidity the grid-like ever developing urban landscape of Vancouver and the art industry in other places. As a form of exchange, the independent exhibition venue, CSA (Vancouver), will host Schneiderei in December 2016.

This exhibition filters a gentle spectrum of light on our singular percepts, visual and auditive, by reflecting onto one another and projecting out to the viewer as the guests of honour. To follow the beam, one would draw its own trajectory of intentions and non-linear sensorial receptions; browsing the surface or diving in, please be guided by one’s own curiosity and interest. Mark time and note change at the different speeds one experiences on a daily basis. Particularities encompass patterns of reflections and actions, quirks and concerns; individual, societal, historical, environmental, political – to name a few.

Isabelle Pauwels -,000 ,000, explores how the relentless sprawl of commerce dissolves human agency. With its rapid-fire graphics, fleeting attractions, and multiple points of view, this new 2D adaptation retains the visceral impact of the live multimedia performance commissioned by the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (Troy, NY) in 2014. Two entwined characters: the once prominent city of New Westminster, B.C. and a disillusioned actress-dominatrix, struggle for legitimacy. Music and sound effects composed by Paul Kajander.